Joshua & Katrina Bocanegra

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Joshua Bocanegra is a writer and visionary from Kansas City. He and his wife, Katrina, serve as leaders in a local chapter of Living Waters, an inner healing program focused on helping the sexually and relationally broken find peace and wholeness in Jesus Christ. Joshua is driven by the question, "What is the Church?" and the way Christians are to be in the communities they inhabit. The Sermon on the Mount is his starting place for all cultural intersection, and he seeks to encourage believers to embrace the other-centered lifestyle taught there.

Katrina Bocanegra is a leader in a local chapter of Living Waters in Kansas City. She is completing her psychology degree at MidAmerica Nazarene University. Katrina's passion is to help people find their healing and identity in Jesus. She has a special place in her heart for those who've suffered abuse in their early lives, and works with many individuals throughout the week. Her pastoral ministry also involves training leaders by equipping them to be healthy and teaching them tools to help others do the same.